Many of us might be using Instagram for getting an inevitable success. But is it seriously working the same way what you want it to work? Are you failing to achieve the desired results?

If yes, then no need to worry. Because today I’m going to share the three simple but effective ways to use hashtags, which will for sure drive you the desired sales, leads and increase your brand awareness.

Let’s just move on to those three points without wasting any more time.


1. Develop an influential library of user created content


We all usually prefer to get advice from our friends and relatives, right? From a study, it was found that 83% of people (from 60 countries) say that they trust to get recommendations from their family and friends. Again in a similar study, it was found that 58 percentage of people who are in between 18 to 34 years old point out that they somewhat make a purchase after observing their friend’s post.



The user-generated reviews are so powerful that it makes a great sense for the brands to develop an influential library of user created content. Wondering how? Just by using and creating branded hashtags.

And if you would like to view an example, then GoPro is the best one to consider. Users are encouraged to share photos which are taken with GoPro camera and the hashtag is used as #GoPro.




You won’t believe that about 27 million users created photos are uploaded with #GoPro hashtag. Have a look.

27 million users created photos are uploaded with #GoPro

And when it is becomes such popular then for sure other people will think that this product cannot give a bad experience as this many pics are taken on GoPro and are shared. The branded hashtags work and this is what I was trying to explain you.


2. Choose right communities to spread your brand awareness


What if your brand is not as popular as GoPro? Will Instagram be beneficial for you? If this is the question arising in your mind, then my answer will be Yes. Instagram will be beneficial for you.

And to let you know, the search bar is one of the best things which Instagram poses. As it will allow you to search people according to their interests. And you can use it as a secret weapon to make connections with your targeted audience.

Then the very first thing which you should focus is that what your targeted audience like the most. If you are selling running shoes, then you should search as #runner. And there you can find your targeted audiences.

Find your targeted audiences

And the moment you are successful in finding the right hashtags then the time will come to make a connection with them.

When you scroll through the hashtags there you can find two types of people.

The first one is will be the influencers who will have large followers count. And when they promote any product then it will inspire his or her followers to buy the same product.

This inspire the followers to buy the same product

And now you can send them a direct message and make further connections. You can expect the influencers reply with their sponsorship rate as they might have devoted a lot of energy and time to build up such a huge audience.

And the second type of people will be your everyday Instagram users. It is not compulsory that they will possess many comments, likes or followers but still they are precious to you as they represent your audience.

Your audience


When you make connections with your everyday Instagram users your main aim will be focused to get more followers. For this, you have to like and follow other users. The time, which you will spend showing love to your audience can get back clicks to your website. Trust me it works.


3. Arrange a contest that can create sales and leads

Spreading brand awareness and collecting user-created content is the best, but what if you wish to create sales and leads? Again hashtags can help you in this scenario. You can create sales if you arrange a contest whose entry procedure will lie on your own site.

Hudson Sutler was the one who did the same last summer. Wanna have a glance of the same? Then let’s see.

Arrange a contest that can create sales and leads

From the above screenshot, you can observe that Hudson has added a bunch of hashtags which is ok. The post will encourage people to participate to win. And one thing which you should keep in mind that if your contest is something specific then you have to add more specific hashtags.

You will be benefited for sure from such contest if and only if you host it on your own website.


Over to you


Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this blog post and don’t forget to follow our blog on Gramboardpro.