In this generation, we want to see everything live from cricket matches to football tournaments, but we still feel that we can also do this live, if we had a camera which can connect directly to the satellite and broadcast it live. Now all of that is possible even for a layman as well because in instagram you can stream a video you’re shooting live. That’s right you can shoot a video from your instagram camera and stream it live on your instagram feed.

The live feature is one of the state-of-the-art features which is almost used by many of the celebrities to stream their events live on instagram.  Like this one:

As you can see in this video, you can even speak your heart out loud if you have anything to say like here you can see the amount of likes and dislikes this live post is getting. Not just updating your friends about your events, you can even conduct corporate events as well for interaction and various interviews to voice your opinions.

Here are the 5 uses of going live in Instagram:

  1. Office Meetings and Q&A sessions:

    The perfect way to interact with your bosses and even give your views about it as well, which might be helpful in knowing each other’s points.

  2. Launches and Announcement:

    This is one of the most helpful ways of interacting with the audience, this is the only way for a person to get interaction live from their audience and also communicate with their queries as shown in this example.

  3.  Take people behind-the-scenes:

    While streaming, it is also important to show the behind-the-scenes activity as well so that the viewers might have an idea about what content you are showing in your profile.

  4. Interviews, collaborations and takeovers:

    You can show the live and exclusive interviews of various celebrities which can be helpful in garnering maximum amount of likes in it.



I’m sure these tips have helped you a lot in making your videos live, please share your views in the comment section below and do subscribe to our site for more updates. See ya!!