Author: Rounak

Why Instagram Marketing is Right for Your Business in 2017?

In 2016 according to the social media statics, Instagram is having over 500 million users and the growth of the user is not slowing down. And the reason for the growth of Instagram users is due to its latest updated features like the Instagram Stories, Instagram Direct, Instagram Video, Instagram new business account and much more. These all features attract a lot of businesses for advertising their product using the Instagram platform. According to the Instagram, more new features will be launched to make Instagram a better platform for business and also for the common users. Through this article,...

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How to Beat Instagram Algorithm to Gain Traffic for Business?

Instagram suddenly changes its rule. If you look Instagram today you will notice some change in feed showing. The post which you like the most will be shown the top of the recent post. This change of Instagram is called as Instagram algorithm change. This new Instagram Algorithm reorder your all post and the post which you like most will be shown at the top of your feed when you will go live. Earlier on the Instagram feed, are shown in a serial manner means post which posted recently will be shown on the top. And the older post...

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5 Ways to use Instagram Stories Feature for Your Business

I am sure you all have seen or use the new Instagram Stories feature. These amazing features increase the popularity of Instagram among the users. Instagram is a unique platform through which you can share your thoughts and feeling through pictures and videos. Adding storytelling features in Instagram let you create a string of images and videos which will get disappeared after 24 hours. Now the question arise how to use this features for your business on Instagram? Before moving to above question lets see how Instagram stories feature work. With Instagram Stories feature, you can add a string...

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