Instagram suddenly changes its rule. If you look Instagram today you will notice some change in feed showing. The post which you like the most will be shown the top of the recent post. This change of Instagram is called as Instagram algorithm change.

This new Instagram Algorithm reorder your all post and the post which you like most will be shown at the top of your feed when you will go live.

Earlier on the Instagram feed, are shown in a serial manner means post which posted recently will be shown on the top. And the older post will go down. Due to this, 70 percent of people miss their post of friends or followers whose post is important for them.

So Instagram has decided to make the change in Instagram algorithm. But this new change becomes problem for the marketers on Instagram. Because their post will go down. It will create difficulty in driving traffic for their business.

But it has one positive side also that this new change will help you to know how many audiences you have targeted for your ads. But you must think of that how to target more audience on Instagram? And how to attract an audience through your post?

In this article, I will focus on some of the points which will help you to beat the new Instagram Algorithm and gain traffic for your business.

Use of Instagram Marketing Tool

The easiest way to get engagement for your business on Instagram is to attract the users toward your profile. This can happen by making a post at the right time, scheduling posts, knowing your users, making comments, building campaign etc.

This all can be easily controlled through a single platform. That is Gramboardpro, is the Instagram marketing software which having the ability to beat new Instagram Algorithm change. This tool will schedule your post and make the post at the right time. So that more users can view your post.

Through this tool, you can easily make comment on multiple user’s posts. And start multiple campaigns. Gramboardpro scraper option will help you to get data about your audience. Show that you can easily target them.

This software will regulate your post in a time interval which will prevent your post from going down or miss by your audiences.

Use of HashTags

HashTag is one of the important fundamental tool of Instagram to drive traffic for any businesses on Instagram . Using right Hashtag with your content will help users to find you or your brand on Instagram easily. So put the proper Hashtag with your content. And if possible then add monitoring HashTag which suits your content. This will help you to participate in the real-time conversation.

Give the Audience what they want

Before making any post analyze your audience what they really want. Make the creative content with attractive image and video. Make your content funny so that people engage with your content. Your main priority is to get traffic for your business. So use the Instagram management tool properly. And take the advantage of new Instagram features they will really play a vital role for the better performance for your business on Instagram.


Making right marketing strategy and using the right tool on Instagram will help your business to drive traffic for your business. To beat new Instagram Algorithm above basic points will definitely help you.