Instagram the social networking site known for its impressive pictures quality, is growing. The social networking site which has its craze throughout the world for its eye-catchy picture quality. People from different age group say 12 years old to approx 54 years old are using this social networking site. Let’s have a look at the stats of the Instagram user according to the age group and gender.    

Stats of the Instagram user according to the age group and gender

As I had mentioned that Instagram is growing, let me inform you about the user’s count of Instagram which has increased to 500 million this year. To assure you the stats are presented below.

Growth of Instagram Users

The above stats may show you the increment in the number of users in million till June 2016. The demand for best is rising meanwhile the engagements of people is also rising. Now businesses too are showing a great concern for Instagram.

So let’s see how business is getting benefits from Instagram and how people are getting inspired to use the same.

Beauty World

When it comes to beauty how can we forget women, the one who understand beauty the best? According to the study, women of US are still looking for the products which can work best on them, the beauty style which can suit them.

With the development of the world, the search style is also developing. Searches are not only done on TV, magazines, and stores, Digital marketing is also playing a vital role. Have a look.

Digital Marketing play a vital role

It would surprise you to know that over 20 million of unique followers in the US itself are attracted by the beauty accounts. With these unique searches for the beauty products, increases the opportunity to grow connections.

This is how beauty world is taking advantage of Instagram to grow their reach and inspiring people.

Auto Industry

The auto industry is the leader in the visual communication and marketing field. The shift of the bleed advertisements from TV, magazines and direct mail to the mobile has played a vital role of catalyst in the industry.    

We can find the craze of mobile throughout the world. Everyone is busy with their mobile no matter whether they are standing or walking or sitting. More than an average Instagrammers  are using Instagram 21 times per day and are active 7 days out of the week.*

Now you might be wondering how this has affected the auto industry?

According to a research 80% of Instagrammers research for the products online before buying them. It was found that many of them admit that seeing relevant ads are important to them. As per the two-year comparison 38% people agree that the platform inform them about what they are buying and this % increase to 59% for auto enthusiasts.

The auto fans are so passionate about the discovery on Instagram that the auto industries are taking advantage of the mobile power and visual experience of Instagram to promote their vehicles.

To raise the awareness about their vehicles businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform. Have a look.

Businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform


Businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform


For Tourism

There is no doubt that people across the world by getting inspired by the innovation and creativity of business. The biggest brands are inspiring people globally and getting connected with the new customers.

And when the term tourism is considered then Dubai can never be left behind. Have a look how the CEO of Dubai Tourism uses Instagram and inspire the viewers.


Over to you

These were some of the business fields which are  taking advantage of Instagram to become popular and inspiring people to make use of Instagram.

Hope you too are inspired by this post and will make use of Instagram efficiently.  For more updates follow our blog on Gramboardpro.