Our beloved photo-sharing app comes up with new updates to give more fun to its Stories feature. Mainly during the festive season, Instagram wants to give much to the engagement that marketers are getting through the Instagram stories feature and so, it comes up with Stickers, Holiday fun and some video updates.

We know that Instagram mainly thinks about marketers, giving fun to common users as well. Just to remind you, we got Boomerang and Mentions to Instagram Stories.


Adding context to your story gives you more engagement. Citing this fact, Instagram introduces new stickers that help you displaying the location, time and weather information of whatever the location the picture is captured at.

Beside the text and drawing tools, you can see a sticker button. Tapping on the smiley icon, you can find the stickers related to weather, time and location.

stickers to instagram stories

So if you add the location sticker, your followers can easily get to know the location of the story. It’s much like tagging location to your posts, but with more fun. You can adjust the size and position of the stickers by dragging them.

So with this new update, your Instagram stories are going to be much funnier and engaging.

Holiday Stickers

Present is the holiday season. During this festive season, people love to share their special moments with their friends on Instagram. Making your moment captures more beautiful, Instagram gives a special set of stickers for the next few weeks.

instagram holiday stickers

Making Videos Hands-free

Usually while recording videos on Instagram, you have to press and hold the video button. It is very difficult in some occasions like you are taking a velfie. Making it easier, Instagram brings the Hands-free video update. With just one tap, you can continue recording and no heck of keep on pressing.

instagram hands free video

Besides, you can add more text to the multimedia content on Instagram. Just tap the text button and add more text than usual.

And there is another feature update, but only for iOS users as of now. Basically, the stories you create would vanish after 24 hours. However, you couldn’t able to save them. But this is no more an issue for you. You can save the stories as a single video to your camera roll. Such a nice thing to hear, right?


These are the fresh updates for Instagram. All these updates help the Instagram marketers on creating more engagement with their followers.

Lucky you! Instagram is one that gives more updates to its advertising platform than any other network in 2016. To its goodness, the updates are for both the marketer-users and common users as well. And that is the reason, it has made 100 million new users in just six months, making the total user count to 600 million.

We can expect more from Instagram in 2017 and it will, for sure, brings us prosperity.