In 2016 according to the social media statics, Instagram is having over 500 million users and the growth of the user is not slowing down.

And the reason for the growth of Instagram users is due to its latest updated features like the Instagram Stories, Instagram Direct, Instagram Video, Instagram new business account and much more.

These all features attract a lot of businesses for advertising their product using the Instagram platform. According to the Instagram, more new features will be launched to make Instagram a better platform for business and also for the common users.

Through this article, I will highlight some of the important parts of Instagram to prove why this platform will be the best for your marketing purpose in 2017.

Users Growth Rate

As marketers, you must understand the value of traffic for any business. Because traffic plays a vital role in the success of any business. Instagram’s users base is growing at an alarming rate since it is launched. According to the stats, 15% more users are signing up each year on Instagram.

30 million of photos are shared every day. These all statics show that how Important is this platform to gain traffic for your business. And According to the US marketing statics, 96% of US fashion brands have an Instagram account.

Many Industries are turning towards Instagram for marketing. So you should also add Instagram marketing in your 2017 marketing strategy.


Another reason Instagram attract more business in 2017 is a visualisation of advertising on the Instagram platform. As we all know that Instagram is a unique platform where you can’t make most posts with words only. You have to upload image or video with your content.

According to science, human brain processes visual information faster than the written information. Even if you scroll and see the image for a second you will understand what image want to say. But it is not with the written content.

And Instagram provides you the best platform to share about your product information in form of image or video. It provides you different tools to make your advertising image for attractive or catchy. It also provides you 60 sec video option to make your audience learn more about your product.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Targets Youth and The Future

According to the statistics on Instagram, 65% of users are between 18 to 34 age group. Instagram give the opportunity to business to target young customer. Getting young generation customer will help your business to make a long relationship with your customer. And in the future, Young Influencer will help your business to get more success. And Instagram having equal gender distribution. Which help your business to promote your product in front of a larger audience rather than a single pool.

Instagram Marketing

Interactive Design

Instagram is going to be a leading social media platform in future due to its advanced features and technology. Instagram can be used on the smart devices like mobile, tablet.Which remove the burden computer. But the more important thing about the Instagram technology is that it driving users toward the real-time interaction. Through snapping photos video through the Instagram platform. And due to its visual nature in future Instagram will be the most interactive media technology.


Changing features and technology of Instagram make it more popular and unique social media platform in a coming year. Business account of marketers on Instagram gives marketers better experience of marketing on Instagram. Above point shows that in Coming year it will be the best platform for visual marketing. If your business is not on Instagram then add it today in your marketing strategy.