It was late 2010 when Instagram had approached. Comparing the user’s count from that time to this time has increased enormously as can find now millions of users present today on Instagram.

This is the site which deals with top brands celebrities, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs. They are all taking the advantage of Instagram so that they can have the engagements to target their desired audiences.

Are you to wishing the same? Are you doing a great hard work to achieve this? Then just stop doing. This is the world where we are to choose smart work over the hard work.

I am here to suggest you the smart strategies to overcome of your hard work.

Let’s begin!!!


Smart tips

Smart Tips

Being a human being we all love the eye catchy visuals, right? This is one of the in-depth reasons why Instagram is so popular. We all love to have fabulous image posts so that we get more followers. So, there must be some tool which can help you in getting the best ever images. Your search ends now. I am present here to make you aware of the tool which can actually help you in doing the same.

You just need to go through the modules of Gramboardpro. Moving to its various features.

Here we have download photo module.

Download Photo Module

Download photo

This feature helps you to download photos using the hashtags or the username. For this you need to set the threads, then a maximum number of photos. Now set the delay time again in seconds then click on start.

Also if you find some interesting images from other places then can get that image by scraping the image URL. For this, you can use the feature of Scrape Image URL.


Scrape Image URL

Scrape Image url

This feature will help you to scrape the URL of the image with the help of username. You are able to choose the option of the single user or the multiple users. Then enter the number of photos also you can load proxy. Set the delay time, a number of threads and finally click on start.

We all know the importance of using Hashtags in our post, on Instagram. We all actually enjoy the use hashtags. The thing which we enjoy a lot, are sometimes used in the wrong way. Before moving on to the hashtag feature, I would like to aware you about the mistake which people generally make the use of the hashtags.

Increase social engagement with proper use of hash tags

Hashtags: Misused

I would like to inform you that many marketers and the brands are not making the proper use of hashtags on social networking sites, in the similar way you too can. The main motto of creating and promoting the hashtags belongs to the strategy to achieve your goal. As this can be helping you in promoting your brand.

As per my knowledge, most of the brands are getting confused while considering the hashtags posts should have. In just one click you will get to know that the post which is having 11 tags will receive 80% of interaction than the one having 2 hashtags which are approx. 41% of interaction.

Well, let me inform you that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags (per post).

Now coming on to the feature of hashtags



This module allows you to put everything on an autopilot mode of liking, commenting and following based on the hashtags. For this, you are to choose whether you want to like or comment or follow. Then set the threads, delay time in seconds. Now you are ready to click on start.

The next feature which you can use is comment with the hashtags

Hash Like with Comment

Hash Like With Comment

This feature will allow you to make comments just by the use of the hashtags. For this, you can choose whether you would like to use the option of single hash or multiple hashes. Then set the threads, the number of photos. Delay time in seconds and then click on start.

The next feature is about mentioning the users. We can gain number of followers if we are mentioning users. So moving on to the feature of mentioning user.

Mention users

Mention Users

This feature allows you to mention the users in the comments where you want to mention. Also about the messages which you want to upload, can also select various accounts. Now you can schedule the task too. For scheduling, you need to select the option where you want to mention like you can find the option of insert single image URL or multiple or the scraped image URL. Now you need to mention the number of users or the random users then can load the message and the user. Then schedule the selected task, select the accounts, set the delay and threads and click on start.



These were some of the smart tips for smart work.  The thing is same for everyone but the way you use differs. Hope you might be convinced by the terms which are being used in this blog. We would suggest you to feel free to use the comment box below for any kind of queries or suggestions.