Are you willing to create a compelling post for Instagram?

Admiring how to insert various images and videos in a single Instagram post?

Well, we all know that the combination of images and videos in your Instagram posts can help you to drive a full marketing message.

In this blog post, you will learn how to insert 10 videos and photos in a single post.


Create Multiple-Image Instagram Post


Well, it is quite simple and similar to add images in your Instagram post. You just have to tap on the + sign to add images.


Add multiple images


And if you are having new post features then on the next screen you will find the stacked squares option. Click on that icon and scroll down to add up to 10 videos and/or images. The moment you will start selecting the images the images will get numbering.


Add multiple images


When done with your selection then can edit the same using filters. And the point to be noted that the filter which you choose for this screen will be selected for all the others too. If you wish you can edit the images individually. And when done tap Done. Also, you can change the order of the images chosen just by dragging it.


Apply filters


You can also tag your friends and share the same.


Ways to use Multiple Images Features


With no doubt, Instagram has an appreciated potential to grow any business popularity. So let’s discuss some of the ways to use this feature of Instagram.


Way 1


Feature your Products


The above-mentioned strategy is worth mentioning. This will allow you to present your product’s multiple features through different images and videos.

There is various example of the same. Let us take the example of Jewels by Grace.




Way 2


Go for a step by step tutorial


With the new feature of adding multiple images and videos in your Instagram post, this procedure will be the best way to have a step by step tutorial. Now you can divide your works into different slides explaining your viewers the how to use it. Then finally can present the finished product image. Have a look at this.




Way 3


Share What’s Happening

Now with this new feature to publish multiple images and videos one can take a great advantage to the same. One can provide a full view of what’s happening around the world. This will increase the craze in the millennials and we all know that millennials are the active participants who are found online and are interested in what’s happening news the most.


Way 4


Prefer sharing procedure


This has always proved to be the best part to attract viewers. You can share the procedure of how anything is made. For this, prefer sharing the back screen videos. This will let your viewers know about your effort behind that work and also can inspire them to do something related to that. This can prove to be informative and interesting. Have a look.

Now let us know about the best practices for using the same.




Best Practices


  • Choose your title image carefully: Make sure that your first image is the best one. As that image will be responsible for creating further interest in the viewers to scroll for the next image. Your first image should eye-catchy and engaging.
  • Encourage a call to swipe caption: Well, users are now getting used with this new feature. So you have to be sure that you can inspire your viewers to view more beyond your first image.
  • Use both the videos and photos: As per the new feature you can add videos well as photos in your single post. Opt to provide both of them to create an engaging post. As inserting videos along with your photos will make your post look even more attractive.

Over to you


Well, there is no doubt that this new Instagram feature is going to rock. As many businesses which are using this has now realized the potential of it.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Make an efficient use of this latest update for your Instagram marketing and be the boss in your field.