In this world of large competition, there is an urge to have your visibility on social media. Though it was not so important in the past, you cannot neglect this in today’s world lest you will find your brand nowhere.

No matter whether you are a blogger or belongs to a big organization you have to build a strong presence on social media. This helps your brand in the market mixing. The truth is that building your presence in social media is easy but building your audience takes time.  

It was seen in the past that videos have a great involvement of people and now the time has come that live videos are ready to take a lead role in the upcoming demand of videos. Live videos are the videos that take place in the real time and the results are amazing.


Instagram Live Video

You can create a live video on Instagram. The option to have a live video underneath the big circle and when you click on that live video is started. But the points which I would like to inform you about the live video are:

  • You can broadcast your live video via story.
  • Your video will disappear after the broadcast is done similar to the other networks. Hence, your followers won’t be able to access the live video after the broadcast is done.

So now we are going to discuss the ideas how live videos are helpful for your business.


1. Helps in launching products and demonstrations


Helps in launching products and demonstrations


Being a businessperson you all wish to have a blast for the launch of your new products. A grand success is expected by everyone. So to have the same you can consider the option of live videos. This would be similar to the regular videos but being live will help you get connected with your audience a little more. Also, you can involve a good number of real-time engagements for the questions and answers.    

And to move on with the above idea the next step will help you.   


2. Accounts takeovers


Accounts takeovers


If you are working with the influencers or preferring accounts takeovers then this will for sure help you, increasing your involvement with your audiences. This will allow you to create a great content and also, you are able to get new views for your accounts.

Interview the industry leaders or the influencers or ask them to be the part of any activity (it can be about cooking the recipe or a product launch). Try to build the interest of your viewers by having questions and answers session, in the live video.


3. Network exclusives


As I had already pointed in my above paras that building a strong audience is little bit lengthy task. So you need to give a strong reason to your audience so that they can follow you. For doing this you can offer them exclusive live video contents.     

You can provide this in an irregular manner and these videos can include the fun moments and also behind the scene actions.


4. Consider driving traffic to a channel


Consider driving traffic to a channel


If you want to increase your audience on some specific channel then can cross- promote it with the help of a live video, this can help you to drive traffic to the network which you require.   


Over to you


If you are the who haven’t used the live video feature of Instagram then I would suggest you give a try and then let us know your experience. I bet you won’t regret this decision to get live.

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