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Why Instagram?

With over 700 Million Monthly active users and around 75 Million daily users, Instagram has become the favorite social media platform of every online user, from Individuals to Large Businesses. Important fact is that the Instagram users are not only browsing through the endless content, but they also use it to find out new brands and products. It has left television commercials and other traditional media marketing sources behind, and Instagram users remember a brand marketing themsevles on the social network.

Why Gramboardpro?

GramBoardPro (Now merged with GramDominator) is all in one Instagram Marketing Software, that helps you directly reach your desired audience on Instagram. It helps you to manage your multiple Instagram individual and business profiles on AutoPilot. You will never need to spend $xxxx to reach your targeted audience or buy Instagram ads. It makes you stand out above all other Instagram advertisers. A must needed tool for every Instagram Marketer to manage daily posts and other activities.

Account Management:

Account Management:

This is one of the most advanced feature of this software. You can upload, multiple accounts, monitor active and inactive accounts, friends and followers, of your Instagram accounts in a single click. You can also manage your accounts with their associated proxies.

Grow Followers

Grow Followers

This software is bundled with the features like find and follow uses with keywords/hashtags, follow someones followers/followings. You can follow targeted users from your account. Targeting can be also done based on Geo-Location and many other ways.

Insta Poster:

Insta Poster:

This feature of the software makes it easy for you to schedule posts on your own Instagram profile. Not only that, you can also auto post on Instagram by monitoring a folder full of images.



Helps you to communicate with your followers directly. Making it easier for you to keep them informed automatically, when you are busy planning your money makey method.

Insta Liker/Commentor:

Insta Liker/Commentor:

Engagement with your audience would have never be easy like this feature. This software makes it possible for you to automate likes/comment on your audience’s post, and make them feel how precious they are for you.

Insta Scraper:

Insta Scraper:

Instagram researchers always have need of Instagram data for their study or for creating their Instagram campaigns. This Instagram Marketing Software comes with inbuilt scraper which can be used not only for the software activities, but also for offline research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to install GramDominator for Windows?

Ans: Dot Net framework 4.6 is required to run GramDominator. Download it from here. Download the latest version of GramDominator and install. Insert the license key and validate the software. GramDominator is ready to use

Q. While running any campaign, Do I need to keep my PC on?

Ans: Yes, You need to keep the PC running until the process is executed. If you don’t want to run the PC for long hours, Use a VPS.

Q. What should be the minimum VPS configuration required.?

Ans: It depends on the number of accounts you want to run. You can choose a VPS from minimum 2 GB to max 16 GB of RAM with 30GB HDD (You will get around 11 GB free space after the OS is installed)

Q. Is GramDominator compatible with Windows XP?

Ans. Since windows stopped supporting this OS, We suggest to use Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

Q. What is Proxy / VPN? How many accounts I should use per proxy.?

Ans. A proxy is basically an IP address used to cloak your original IP. A VPN also does the same thing but it generally consist of a pool of multiple IP’s. It is always recommended to use 1 account per proxy.


  • Gram board pro makes your instagram marketing easy.
  • We develop powerful features to get you the best results.
  • You can follow users, unfollow users, share photos, like photos comments (Custom list)
  • Auto Like Pictures By Hashtags.
  • Auto follow Followers By Hashtags.
  • Auto Comment on Pics By Hashtags.
  • Download Photos of Friends & colleagues with a simple click.
  • In conclusion its a powerfull tool to automate Instagram.

And tons of other useful features.

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    • To serve our customers in their need is our primary goal. We have been able to successfully achieve this goal over past few years and trying our best by going a step ahead with 20/7 support services through multiple platforms like Skype, Live chat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Hangout, Email & Team Viewer.
    • Knowledge base
    • Doesn’t matter if you are Layman or a Nerd. A detailed guide can always help to learn the things quickly. With over 100+ updates, we have been able to get a thorough detailed knowledge base to be with you even if we are not available, but still, you contact us for more assistance.
    • Public Roadmap
    • We understand how quickly trends and requirements change in digital marketing industry. And we keep ourselves open to your features suggestions and needs. But since we cannot develop every feature at once, we allow you to list and track them with our roadmap.